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Name:Mary Rupert
Birthdate:Nov 8

Mary Rupert | 19 | College Student | Hacker | PB: Malese Jow


The first impression one would get of Mary is bubbly sort of person. She’ll joke around with and playfully tease strangers. She might flirt a bit (or a lot) if she’s in the mood. She’s definitely not shy.

Mischief is a particular talent of Mary’s. Always in search of amusement, Mary won’t hesitate to pull pranks on people she knows. Most of the time they’re harmless, though. When particularly bored, Mary might use her skills in hacking to pull pranks on companies and politicians, doing things like changing their official websites into kitten fansites.

Being an easily bored gal, Mary is always in search of amusement. Sex is one way she spends her time. Pranks and hacking are another. She also dabbles in fashion design, chemistry and other people’s lives. Curious would probably be a good word to describe her.

Despite being a very friendly person, Mary isn’t always a particularly nice person. She can be compassionate, but only towards those she’s close to. She won’t bother spending emotional energy on people she doesn’t know well. She’s also spiteful when angered and won’t hesitate to be cruel towards someone who’s hurt her or her loved ones. Disproportionate retribution is another talent of hers.


TW: Talk of mental illness and abuse

Growing up for Mary wasn’t easy, but she’d be the first to tell you it could have been a lot worse. The youngest of three, Mary had two older brothers, James (by 5 years) and Robert (by 2 years). Her father was an abusive alcoholic, though her brothers particularly James, sheltered Mary from the worst of it. When Mary was 7 her mother divorced her father and took all three kids away. To be honest, Mary only has vague memories of her father.

Her mother had only a secondary school level education and alone had trouble supporting three kids. To make things more difficult, Mary’s mother also had depression. Two years after the divorce, James started to work part time to support the family. Robert started taking care of the house and managing the money. Neither brother allowed Mary to help much.

Left to her own devices, Mary started messing around with technology and computers. It turned out that she had a gift for both. She also found that school was fairly easy (mostly math) and skipped two grades. A couple of times, she used her hacking to steal small amounts of money from big corporations so that her family would have it easier. Though, she was never able to steal too much, for fear that James and Robert would find out.

At sixteen, she began university on scholarship and started to double major in computer science and chemistry. At seventeen she found herself interning as a tech support person at a chemistry lab and has remained there since. Robert is currently studying mechanical engineering and James is working as a police officer.


Computers: Mary is a computer genius. She is able to hack into extremely complicated systems can write intricate programs and can rival people a decade or two older than herself in proficiency. Really, her only reason for getting a degree in computer science is to make it official.

Chemistry: While Mary is a computer genius, she is not a chemistry genius. She does well in her classes and is one of the better third years in the major, but her skills here are nothing noteworthy. Chemistry is mostly just a hobby for Mary.

Fashion Design: Mary likes to draw clothing and can use a sewing machine. Since finances have always been tight for her family, Mary has learned to ‘reimagine’ clothing from thrift stores into something more her style.

This is an OC RP account and I'd love to RP with anyone and everyone. Mary has no set canon, though she can fit into any setting that is relatively modern.
The mun and the muse is 18+
Malese Jow also is in no way affiliated with me.
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